Why does the hot melt adhesive of compound machine appear carbonization?

2022-04-09 16:28:13

People who often use hot melt glue compounding machine will know that hot melt glue machine will see a layer of black material around the rubber barrel after using for a long time. These are some carbides. Many people will be confused about how these carbides are formed. In fact, mainly from the following aspects can be analyzed. Hot melt adhesive gel occur even carbide main reason has the following several aspects: plastic box temperature is too high, temperature control failure, actual temperature below show the temperature, or temperature on the high side a lot of integrating control function, sub carbide on the surface of the hot melt adhesive, plastic boxes, plastic itself bad thermal stability of hot melt adhesive to the inside of the box for a long time.

Why does the hot melt adhesive of compound machine appear carbonization?

There are two different kinds of hot melt adhesive in the plastic box of the hot melt adhesive compounding machine. For the above reasons, the following aspects need to be done in the daily use of glue: Glue temperature set according to the regulation of technical parameter value, has the abnormal phenomena such as carbonization temperature and real temperature difference, the lid of the plastic box shut down at any time, in order to avoid high temperature hot melt adhesive and fresh air on the surface of the contact, accelerated oxidation, long a small amount of glue, glue the hot melt adhesive in the cabinet add quantity is not too much, a third to a half between times add to maintain, Hot melt adhesive has been repeatedly heated for a long time after cleaning out the new glue, do not use two different properties of hot melt adhesive.

Why does the hot melt adhesive of compound machine appear carbonization?

The bonding interlining cloth of hot melt adhesive compounding machine is made of evenly spreading hot melt adhesive on the fabric surface. For use, cut the bonding interlining cloth to the desired shape and size, and hot-melt adhesive side to the back of other fabric materials (fabrics). It is lined in the inner layer of clothing, as the skeleton of clothing, simplifies the processing technology and time of clothing, so that clothing has lightness, beauty, comfort, shape protection, washing resistance, wear and other effects. Interlining processing of hot melt adhesive requirements are generally colorless and tasteless, soft texture, fast bonding, dry and wet washing resistance, glue can not have an impact on the fabric, light resistance, etc.. Interlining processing can use a variety of hot melt adhesive, almost all types of hot melt adhesive can be used, the most used is ethylene - vinyl acetate (EVA) hot melt adhesive, polyamide hot melt adhesive and high pressure polyethylene (HDPE) hot melt adhesive powder, and different uses of hot melt adhesive and processing methods are also different.

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