What are the main features of the net belt compounding machine?

2022-04-09 16:31:14

The friction between gravure drum and scraper has a great influence on the printing effect and intaglio resistance. From the Angle of the micro contact established between gravure roller and scraping blade dynamic model of friction, through the model of influence between gravure roller and scraping blade friction factor has carried on the qualitative research, confirmed the printing speed and blade Angle and the gravure printing machine vibration on the gravure roller and the effect of friction force between the scraping blade.

What are the main features of the net belt compounding machine?

Characteristics of double groove net belt compound machine: Can give at the same time the gluing and laminating two layers of material, make composite fastness better, also can be used to give three one-time gluing and laminating layer thin material, improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost, double glue tank mesh belt compound with high temperature resistant net belt to press, so the good contact with composite materials and the drying cylinder, improve the effect of drying, the processed material soft, washable, good color fastness, This machine has automatic infrared deviation adjustment device, can effectively prevent the deviation of the net belt, prolong the service life of the net belt.

What are the main features of the net belt compounding machine?

Double glue tank mesh belt compound machine of the heating system is divided into two groups, the user can choose according to need heating mode (a set or two set), can effectively save energy, reduce production cost, equipped with dc motor according to need or inverter, so that the machine has better handling, composite laminating machine adopts short ink road transport ink ink system, drum material printing, Gravure printing speed high, gravure plate-making cycle is long, plate-making expensive, suitable for mass production of labels, use the non-drying label by fine gravure printing production, rich layers, thin film labels for roll to roll printing, more need to volatile drying inks, offset printing can be printed thicker plastic material, suitable for mass printing.

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